Joshua Chronstedt Englar Portrait Digital Designer


Joshua Chronstedt Englar, PBA

Digital Designer

As a digital designer based in Copenhagen, I have acquired over 6 years of experience working both as an integral part of teams, and as a freelancer,  for the advertising industry, at digital agencies and the financial sector.

Broad insight into planning, implementation and execution has led to successful product launches and projects across platforms and medias.

My passion for digital design orbits visual identity, layout, typography, illustration, and animation, which together, creates effective surface design that inspire users to immerse themselves in the product.

My ability to grasp complex design problems and home in on the core challenge allows me to keep track of milestones and deadlines, so every project arrives securely at the goal – wether the platform is an apps or it’s web-based products.

When working as a team member, I naturally take initiative and will gladly step into the role of initiator if needed.

With a PBA in Interactive Design from DMJX (Denmark’s College of Media and Journalism), plus an education in Multimedia Design from KEA (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology), 5 years of higher education makes me well-equipped to tackle even the most complex visual communication challenges.


+45 22 51 05 36

Partners & Clients




Won 1st place in the Design Matters talent contest at DMJX. Thereby I got the opportunity to present my Bachelors project “Friga“ to designers from Netflix, FIFA, Dropbox and more, at the international conference “Design Matters“ in Copenhagen in september of ‘18.

Aalborg Universitet VR-challenge

Our team won 1st place at Aalborg University’s virtual reality-Challenge. We created a new virtual reality TV-concept for Nordisk Film.