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This project imagines how self-driving campers will shape your holiday experiences in the future. With Friga in the palm of your hand, you take control of your adventures and wake up in new, selected destinations every day. The project is based on VW’s self-driving camper ID Buzz.

My Journey

Interaction with the trip planning interface “My journey”.

To Home

Interaction-concept for the home screen.

A wireframe prototype was used in the early development phase to test the product on end users. Resources are thus invested in the correct solution.


The various phases of users’ experience with the product: before, during and after. Friga is primarily an ‘escapist’ and ‘aesthetic’ experience.



Animated logo in large version for the dynamic visual identity.


Sketches for the dynamic logo.


Animated logo in the small version for the dynamic visual identity.


Early logo experiments. The Sleepy Eye, that opens up for new adventures, finds its form.



Logo sketches: first concept to determined direction.


The final logo takes shape. The curved lines in “F” and “A” represent two eyes getting a good night’s sleep while Friga drives towards tomorrow’s destination.


Bjerge Italien

Illustrations from the app interface.


App illustrations Sketches.

Friga Intro_01Night-scene

Explainer-video illustrations.



Sketches for Explainer-video Illustrations.


Close-up of the typographic concept.



Finding style and tone through typographic experiments.

Typo-Process_01 Typo-Process_02 Typo-Process_03

Experiments with different typographic combinations in the Friga universe.


VW’s ID Buzz will be the first self-driving camper in the world.
The camper is the primary inspiration for the Friga project.

I vognen 2

Visualization of what your holiday in a self-driving camper could
feel like with Friga by your side.


The project won the Design Matters’ student competition at DMJX. I was invited to present the project to a number of designers from Netflix, Dropbox, FIFA, etc. at the international conference of the same name in Copenhagen.

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