The task was to create an interactive web experience inspired by the ballet position “Relevé”. The intent of the solution was to advertise for a dance festival curated by Dansehallerne (directly translated: the Dance Halls). The process ended up being much more than a web banner.

Click the banner below to start the animation or wait till it starts on it’s own. You can also see the result here.



In collaboration with Sonic College we* created an interactive experience-site. For this assignment we were handed two secret scents. The scents were supposed to inspire us to create an experience in sound and visuals. For both the sound- and visual designers it was unfamiliar to translate the sense of smell to our respective fields.

*Matias Porsborg Pedersen (sound-designer), Interaktive designers: Caroline Illemann Hansen, Maria Hessellund Utzon, Joshua Chronstedt Englar.


Sydhavsøernes Frugtfestival

The task is to make young people, from the larger cities of Denmark, to become interested in the fruit festival “Sydhavsøernes frugtfestival” (directly translated: South Sea island fruit festival) a hundred miles south of Copenhagen. My solution is to create an authentic dining experience for the young metropolitan foodies with a high profile chef from the region. And to make it as easy as possible for the new target audience to get to the festival as possible. The solution consists of visual identity, logo, illustrations, promotion video, webdesign, social media posts, festival armbands and menu card.

See the promotion video here.